domingo, 29 de setembro de 2013

Requiem: first version

Last night I died.
It was one of those calm deaths, just closing my eyes
And existing no more.
There was no violin though.

I had expected them. And the angels.
There was no retrospective of my life in some seconds,
I just sighed and was tired no more.
It was as if I had been born again
and was just deliciously getting used
to my new skin.

Then I saw my mother crying.
It almost broke my heart.
All of my tormented fake mothers and fathers also
and I did try to soothe them
but I was nothing more than a shadow
vibrating below infrared so they could not perceive me.

I gazed at the empty space which was left there
It was formless and thick and heavy.
O but it smelled like roses and candles. It was so romantic.
I kissed them all on their foreheads. There were so many people

I did not hope to see at my sunset. Their eyes were hollow
their faces confused. They could not understand why I had done it
They were fighting to unsuccessfully grapple with the fact that
This        was        exactly        what
I wanted to do.