quarta-feira, 2 de julho de 2008

Maze of Libido: fragment 3

And at the beginning was the Verb. A lot of it.
Some days later, I was just talking to this Eden exiled.
I had everything but certainties yet, against all odds I got in.

I doubt we could have given the forbidden love a local habition and a name.
But it was magical, more, it was logical and intellectual.
I guess I must have or indeed put a spell on you, but you were never mine.

You couldn't have been, maybe with time...
You've always been bigger than the universe, faster than a ray of light.
You meant freedom even when I had one hand in my pocket and the other one
was helping you bend forward and you were convincing me that hips don't lie.

I saw then I didn't know how to dance so slow to follow you.
Suddenly I see there came silence. No careless whisper as some things can't be said but whispered in the half-light. Distance, a dark night of the soul. For you were made of star dust and sparks.

I saw you spread your wings and I tried to see myself different from that helpless boy torn and left in an empty garden.
Then, I saw the sign. You were back for good, I had to take that. But how should one feel?

Luckily, the mirror has two faces. At least, mine has. So I didn't have to practice that much on how to transform the ugly duckling into narcissus.

And now, the future, damn it, some say it is murder others, just the beginning. And at the beginnig was...

3 comentários:

  1. Dearest, dearest...

    It has come as a maze! Reding your blog was totally forgotten by a slip of the mind, and not the tongue (for I am commenting on it now), but it was in the backburner. Now I'm free I can have fun with it. I simply loved this piece, so sparkling, imaginative and glistens like a ray of light.

    Thanks for giving me the possibility of such a maze.

    Lady Vivi (more subaltern than ever)...

  2. ...you make me cry with your words,
    and I don't know if my feelings are real or if I just wait and wish they were.I guess I'll never know,and neither will you ...

  3. I liked more of this one.
    Very good construction and interesting way of express feelings.
    Sad and extremely romantic.wonderful.