sexta-feira, 20 de novembro de 2009

The boy and the blacklist

Once he had read it was common for certain people to write, to put on paper, whatever they felt they had and was annoying, to get rid of them for good. But that was not everything, after writing down the darkest one had in his soul, the person had to burn it. Not that the fire would really do away with those bad features, o no! But the ritual would light something up or turn something off inside the person and it would be THE moment. A rite of passage.

Then the boy does not feel like burning forever what is making him so sad. But the list does appeal to him. Let's put name under name and then what?

He gets some black paper and he writes in white the names of those who are no longer the ones whom he can give all he had. They are banned. It is game over. Not totally over. Just the best part out. The cream of the cake is going bad.

As he moves the pen agains the paper, curving to form the names which compose such an odd set, he establish the rules:

"you, ___, will no longer be offered my complete self. I remove from your horizon the sweet tender touch, my passsionate kisses, the massages I would offer, the best I have in me and which I wanted to give to you. Worry not because you are not burned. You are just an outcast, a blacklisted person. Maybe it means freedom for you, freedom from me. Maybe it means you lost it."

Now the boy feels like heaven. And the list grows and grows. Name after name is piled up and what he feels for them changes. I am sorry, you can't have this anymore. You're uninvited. Maybe next life. So he feels strong and determined while he wonders if he is gonna see the day when no blacklist will be necessary, for everyone will want to give and receive, the very day when all the barriers will have collapsed.

3 comentários:

  1. You always find a way to wow us!! fazendo os trique-truques,,,e vc acertou! Lente macro!! smat guy!

  2. Hey kid,
    I made myself one list just like that long time ago, but doesn't work,hahaha, so like this boy, I'm still wait for the day when all the barriers will have collapsed, or some of them , at least...:)
    Nice text.Congrats,

  3. Enquanto eu estiver vivo, só em sonhos e conjecturas você vai poder ver um mundo sem barreiras e no qual o dar e o receber serão atos gratuitos. Não abro mão de ter o teu nome estampado em destaque na minha lista negra, e nem me daria o trabalho de imaginar como tudo entre nós seria se o mundo fosse utopicamente justo, visto que a natureza não é totalmente justa, a raça humana não é totalmente justa, eu não sou totalmente justo e muito menos você é totalmente justo com o meu amor.

    Ainda bem mesmo que existe a lista negra e a possibilidade de queimar toda a papelada de tristezas que escrevemos. São as graças concedidas pelo mundo injusto e cruel onde vivemos.