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Travel log - Europe - Day 8

Day 8 - Berlin

So, the breakfast in the hostel was remarkable. It was full of options and appealing to many tastes. It is really a place to recommend. The attendants were helpful, the place is clean and nicely decorated. Unlike the other posts, I will try to be more accurate in this one and I will create links to make it easier for however is reading this willing to go there and check out for themselves. So here it goes: Berlin international Hostel.
According to what we had planned, we would have a busy and long day. the first thing we were about to do was to try the guided walking tour around the city. It would give us more ideas on where to go. We just had to get to the meeting place on time. But of course we were late and got lost. On the subway, we started asking for information and we made a friend. A guy kept talking to us and asking us questions about where we came from and all. Very friendly. His name was Peter. We asked him if he had any suggestion of places to go as the next night it would be Christmas. He mentioned a Russian party. Can you imagine how exotic to be in a Russian party in Berlin? We felt compelled to try his idea as soon as we could find information about it on the net.
So, the clock was ticking and the station near the zoo would never come. We expected they would be there waiting for us, as we arrived 20 minutes later than we should have. But there was nobody there, nor any stall. It was just us, the cold and the passers-by. But the art of the tourist,at least of the late tourists, is improvising. We looked around and realized we were just near some places to visit, so all that journey to that part of the city had not been in vain.
The first place we visited was the Sex museum, or the Erotik Museum. As you enter, you see only a sex shop, but you go to the cashier and get a ticket. As I was reading some reviews, something people complained and we also thought that the fee was a bit higher than the other museums. I had been to the Sex Museum in Paris in my last visit. Although it was quite an interesting visit, I wrote nothing relevant about my impressions then. This makes me wonder how much I have been improving my reporting abilities as I write this new set of memories and experiences. Anyway, we had to pay, get into an elevator and work our way down the floors of exhibitions. The top floor (why does it seem I am full of innuendos here?) was very modern and interactive. You could try to find the G-spot in some statues which would start moaning out of pleasure. Carol had some problems, but I taught her just where to put the finger. Another very interesting and interactive spot was the humping statues. You should dry hump them and it would activate a scale. I didn’t try, although there were not many people around. I am a bit shy, you know?

The rest of the floors were full of paintings, drawings and objects (according to the reviews, all copies) related to the ars erotica, as the Romans would say. We had a lot of fun, taking pictures and just inventing some funny things about those pieces of art.
After leaving the museum, we decided to head for the zoo. It was just around the corner. It was not so cheap either, so we entered and started walking and walking around. But all the cages were empty. We guessed all the animals were inside, hibernating and maybe coming outside eventually to see those stupid tourists freezing to death. Then, the discovery came. There were big buildings, they were the places we should enter because most of the animals were, with the few exceptions of those which could endure the outdoor weather.
But the thing of entering a closed space, smaller then the cages and heated was that 1) the animals looked more imprisoned than usual, 2) the smell was just too strong for one to bear for a long time. Each building, each animal, a different stink. Imagine when we entered the one with those boars and wild pigs. All in all, the tour there was very nice. My friends agree:

What we did next was to visit the aquarium which was inside the zoo. It was not so small and we had to go here and there, and talking in Portuguese we soon ran into a Brazilian guy taking pictures, who talked to us. We had seen some girls talking in Portuguese but we kept quiet then. No contact. As we left the aquarium, we remembered we were human being, and as so, we needed to put something in, in order to continue. It was getting dark so it was about 4 pm. We saw a KFC and that just seemed to be the place for two starved people. We asked a combo each, and there was chicken there to feed 5 people. And we went from starved to roll me out of here, please. And with the greasy hands, eating like two ogres, one of the cutest guys in Berlin decide to sit in our table. He was quite busy eating and we just lost the appetite just till the moment he left. We must have spent one hour in our meal. I wanted to start shooting everything to have a picture of the guy, but my hands were too impregnated with grease for me to attempt anything with my camera.

After doing all these, half of what we had planned, as usual, we headed to the hostel. On the way, we found a Christmas fair with handicraft and candies. We had some hot wine, and bought one candy which was a ball of different colors and resembled a huge donut. But there was no hole in it, it was just a sphere. Carol was afraid of being so heterodox that she bought the chocolate one, the others had names in German we had no idea what they meant. Also, she bought some pistachio in a stall with many types of nuts. Well, can you believe after so much chicken we still had some space left for sweets? We didn’t, but there we were gobbling those treats.
As we returned to the base and took a shower, I went online in order to find a place we could go while Carol was taking a shower. I had already prepared to go for a bar or another place, dressed to kill. As I went upstairs to tell her the options, she was in her pyjamas and told me she was too tired to go out. I couldn’t believe it. It’s forbidden, if you check the good tourist manual, to feel tired. Feel tired at home, not here. But she went on unconvinced and I didn’t feel like going out by myself. (Had I known what was about to happen...). In no time I was in my pyjamas, turning off the lights.

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