domingo, 13 de março de 2011

Travel log - Europe - Day 4

Day 4 Brussels

Again, the plan was to wake up early. Some people say travelers should sleep at home, not in their trips. So we woke up early and did not have to do a lot of planning since the day was supposed to be spent walking around Brussels and Louis would be there with us. The first place we were going to was the Museum Magritte. I am not a very artistic person, who can interpret any painting as he sees it, but the experience in this museum was fantastic. There was a movie about the artist before starting the exhibition. The movie was in French with subtitles in Dutch and English. After that, we got access to the works of art and they were just amazing (you can have an idea by taking a look here. We spent more than 3 hours there, talking, laughing and after that buying some gifts in the shop. Totally recommended to anyone visiting Brussels. And it was nice to see that even people from the city hadn’t been there since the museum was opened some months ago. Even our host had never been there so it was quite a discovery to all of us. After that we went to another museum nearby, the museum of musical instruments. in a few words, it was another very interesting experience. The building is very beautiful from the outside. As you enter, you are given a set of headphones and every time you approached a certain set of instruments, you would listen to their sounds. It was not watching only. One had a chance to know the sound it produced. That was music, or music was in the air.

After this we left the museum and it was snowing a lot. It was good because, apart from the time we were running in gare du Nord to get on the train, we hadn’t seen that much snow coming down, in little flocks - it was a spectacle. It was the moment we felt children again, like in our snowball wars. So we headed for a Noël fair in order to eat something. Strangely, everything was very expensive. We had some durums and some huge waffles. We learned then there were several types of waffles and we chose the one which is soft.

After that, we needed to go back home because it was time to get ready for the party. As Louis’s brother had arrived home after a year abroad, they had planned to have a special party to friends, before the one for the family and we would be lucky enough to be there by then. But Carol was worried since she had taken a dress to the occasion but no shoes and she wanted to find some boots. We went to a street of stores but most of them were closed. We managed to find one and she went on choosing one but we were late already and she felt very bad because she thought she was the reason why we would get there late. In the end, everything was fine. We arrived back home, took a shower, got ready and went downstairs.
The party was an amazing situation. There were about 40 people. Good food, different types of drinks. I felt we would profit more if we split and I left Carol to herself while I tried to approach some people. I made friends with a girl who was their neighbor and we talked for more than 30 minutes. I tried to keep the conversation in French with some English in the middle. It was funny because this girl was with her fiancé and I imagined he was a bit jealous I was monopolizing his girl. In the end, he was looking at me and laughing but it was not probably out of jealousy. I heard after the party everyone was commenting about us, Carol and her stunning dress and me and my (so-they-said) undisguisable gayness. This sounded so amusing because I had forgotten about it myself. I did not flirt, did not do any queer comment. Anyway, maybe it is the French. The lip thing might drop my (inexistent) mask. After most of people left we took one of the rooms, with some of Louis’s friends from college and we kept on talking (in English, thank goodness). One by one they started leaving and only a few remained. It was then we had a nice talk with a wonderful boy, Jonathan. He was so attentive and he was one of the most good-looking guys we met on the trip (some people would say in our lives =D )
Then we went to bed but kept on talking and talking till we fell asleep at 3 am.
(we were so nervous we didn't take any pictures in the party, we forgot our cameras upstairs, but the hosts were taking pictures of it and told me they are sending the ones we are on anytime soon).

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  1. Ahhh... eu queria muito ter ido ao museu de instrumentos musicais, é lindo mesmo! E adorei sua foto ao piano, Elton John! rsrs