segunda-feira, 29 de agosto de 2011

The Gap

So, it's such a been long time I don't post anything here. I am sure people have already lost hope I would ever finish my trip stories and I gave up about half way through. In fact, I thought it would be so, as life got me in such a context I felt things would never be under control again. Every week a couple of new problems to be solved, of things to be done for yesterday, and time went by flying on wings of a boeing. I didn't want to be away. I was put away, and that's all.

But here I am. As the phoenix, I keep coming back from the ashes, somewhat better, somewhat stronger.

And the project must go on. The promise must be kept. I shall get to the end of it, even if it takes me on year to report one month. I was having fun doing it, so I don't care people think it was so long ago and all. The memories are here, the experiences are patches in the quilt which is my soul, and I shall get to the end of it. Even if it takes years. Even if I have to go against the grain. Come and see.

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  1. Eu realmente achei que tinha desistido de falar sobre a viagem...
    "The promise must be kept." Cumpra mesmo! Vejo cada post e tiro como conselhos para quando eu for visitar o continente!