quarta-feira, 2 de novembro de 2011

Interlude 2 - the trip project

Again there was an interruption on posting about my trip. A long one, as there was no posts in October.

Soon, it will be exactly a year after we were leaving Brazil to go to the big and cold Europe. I had promised myself I would finish reporting the adventures I had on the trip, from preparation to return, no matter how long it would take me to. I had hoped things would flow, but this year was kind of crazy and I depended on some people to help me out with the revision of the text.

Anyway, I am closer to the end now than to the beginning and I made a deal with myself I shoudl be able to finish the whole story before the one year anniversary on December 16.

So far, I told you about the arrival in Europe, the week Carol and I spent in Belgium, followed by our experiences in Berlin and the terrible accident Carol suffered on Christmas Eve. Then, I reported what happened after she went back to Brazil and I kept on follwing the plans and headed to Prague. After the lovely days in Prague, I arrived in Vienna, where I spent the New Year. Many things happened in Vienna and my story here ended one day before leaving Vienna. Thus, soon I will be posting the continuation: the last day in Vienna, the trip to Salzburg, Finland and Paris, the final destination. All these posts can be found if you click on the tag TRIPS , to the right.

I hope you enjoy the rest of the posts. Happy journey with me in my memories.

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