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Second and Third weeks in Florida

(English version)

Things have begun to become routine. Anyway, many simple things just look so novelty. maby things happened and I am going to put some I still remember:

Getting to know Gainesville
Last weekend Dan took me to the two museums here: Natural History and Fine Arts. It was great to learn about local history and geography and the highlight was the exhibition about Asia. On Sunday, he took me to a place called “The blue room”, which is a study room open 24/7 at the health department. While the libraries close and open, you can always go there to study and have some peace.
Barely all the places I go are new for me. I tend to avoid going to places I already know. Last Thursday  I went to a club called The Atlantic with Steven (from CS) and his friends. I met a girl whose parents are Brazilians and she wants to hang out with Brazilians to practice her Portuguese. The guys left without saying goodbye and when I realized that I just walked home. This week I went to The Top, a restaurant-bar where the music was so loud I thought I was going deaf. I was there with Alex and his Dutch and friendly friend Andrea. I also went to Chopsticks to have some Korean food with a very special friend, Martin. Yesterday, he took me to the first time in life for a drivein with those girls in rollerskates and after we had a night car tour around the city.

Now, I have already learned my way at the library, it’s been very Nice to GO there get the books, I know how to locate them, move the shelves and use the computers. I was even able to scan parts of a book and create a pdf, just the way I always wanted. I started reading some of the books and summarize them. I have also bought the ticket to go to Toronto and I started writing the paper I am supposed to present there.

At home
The boys, Juan and Steven, invited me to go to the Superwalmart with them. We ended up buying everything together but I don’t know if this way is going to work forever. After that, we headed for the volleyball game. It was the Gators (us) versus the girls from International University of Florida, in Miami. It was nice to be there and support them and we won. Afterwards, Steven invited me to go to the restaurant he works at. We had nachos and beer and talked. The only thing I have to improve is my participation in the housework. I haven’t been doing my share, but I am getting there. Also, I was a bit insecure on how to use the laundry place, but Steven gave me some hints and my first load was a success: clean and dried without any accidents.
(a part of the game, the boys by my side and me)

I resumed running here. Last week I ran 3 times and this one only once but I went beyond my limits: I ran 40 minutes nonstop for 3.3 miles more or less (6,5 km). I wanted to go somewhere and I got there. It’s the palce where they are having a meeting on Sunday to decide on the readings and all of the MRG (a reading group). I had to go back though, so I had to walk more 30min to get back home.  Today I borrowed Steven’s bike and rode for 30 min in order to go to the bank for a money order. It was so nice to be riding after so much time without being on a bike.

French club
Next week the meetings of the Frech club start. People  get together ina  restaurant or bar and practice the language. There is also a movie session every two weeks and I have already confirmed my presence. I had promised myself I would improve my French here, n’est-ce pas?
Well, if people remember some other things I did, please, send a message and I’ll add it.

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