sexta-feira, 18 de janeiro de 2013

Brief Encounters

You were just some spins away.
I saw pieces of you, never
Then, we sat and talked, about life and
the way the world is and the
way it should be.

You touched me. I don't
remember if it was a handshake only or
a hug or maybe we kissed.
I guess I touched you
too. We might have stripped. It is not
so clear.
And I was not drunk.
And I cannot wash it away.

Afterwards, you disappeared. You turned
into letters, broken sentences,
shattered images. I shall
never see you again.
But you are in me. And I cannot forget
those eyes.
The way they reflected the world around
them and there was more.

In your smile, there was electricity.
In your hands, there was
(un)fulfilled promises.

In your didactism I saw
or felt (sometimes I get blind)
the universe speaking to me.

You only lasted a few instants,
but those made me see
what life is all about.

PS - I keep wondering, heir of the Celtics,
what kind of sorcery I should do
just to have another
even a tiny one,
to see the universe in your your eyes

to commune again.

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