quinta-feira, 2 de outubro de 2008

Aphorism for yesterday

In my big big belly
There’s a big big belly Button.
It can contain one or two universes.

Is someone pressing this button?
No. Someone is tapping on my shoulder.
“Hey, plain man, why don’t you come back to earth?”

And I answer
“Why did I go wrong?”
And I shrink.

4 comentários:

  1. Opa, opa. What's isso?? hehehe... still thinking. Too hard. Bjs Vivi

  2. Hey dreamer,

    What’s up? Lost in your own universe?Travel too much perhaps?
    Never plain, just fly far away and come back to say hello.kiss


  3. Cartesiano demais. E os universos paralelos?

  4. And at the end, where were you? At the moon?

    I know I've been a little bit far from the blogs, the course, the earth... but I came here to say: -Hello!