terça-feira, 16 de outubro de 2012

Journey to Utopia: Prologue

It seems this blog is getting more and more on some thoughts about my Travelogism and less about other things. I should be writing more, but it is not coming. Instead of putting some pressure into writing lame poems or some other fictional or informational posts, I decided to take it easy and write as my time allows and in a way it is more pleasure than work.

Some people will consider these stories funny, others will see them as innacurate: they were there and they saw different things, but I am a writer, so I like to paint things in a different color, and use my compromised memory to go back and dig in my impressions and the facts not necessarily as they were documented in pictures or in writing.

Maybe some people will even assume my style has changed from what they were used to reading. Maybe I'll be gloomier, more objetive. The only rebuttal I can utter is the cliche: people change.

I hope you can travel with me, flying and having fun, seeing and interacting. I hope this gives you itchy feet and makes you take the suitcase from under the bed. Fasten your seatbelts, prepare for the confliciting emotions, the drama, the laughters. And come away with me.

I am going to tell the stories of what happened in Canada and the Northeast of the United States. The journey was fast but meaningful. There was a lot of utopia in it, dreams coming true. As it is something I study and I decided to name the trip Journey to Utopia.

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