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Journey to Utopia: Day Eleven

As soon as I arrived in Boston I got to the subway, it was not that difficult to find the station I had to go to. I walked from the station until Heraldo's house. He had hosted a friend and student of mine before and I contacted him through couchsurfing but also sent an email. He had agreed to host me and I would arrive the previous afternoon but had informed him of the change of plans. Then he told me he wouldn't be home when I arrived, only Rick would. They live together. I got to the house, I had to climb a set of stairs and Rick received me, showed me where I would be sleeping, the house and left for work.

I got settled and lay down on bed. I had slept during the journey from Wellfleet but I was really tired. I missed my own bed. I stayed there, staring at the ceiling, trying to gather energy to stand up and get on with life. I was in Boston, it was an interesting city, historical, full of possibilities and I would be stupid if I didn't go out and had some fun. Heraldo called me to check if everything was okay and told me there were tourist magazines with things to do on a table. I got them, selected three or four places I should go to and decided to leave. The weather was not so inviting to be walking around so I decided to go to a museum.

On my way there, I got to see some very interesting buildings.

And I could even take a picture in a kind of foggy and  grey place.

Then I got to the MIT museum. For people that do not work with sciences or may not know, MIT is Massachusetts Institute of Technology and it is one of the most import places in the world for technological development. I was very happy to get there because I like science museums. I got even happier when the ticket girl asked if I had any student card, and my UF card gave me a fare discount. There were about five different exhibitions and in some of them it was not allowed not take pictures, but I had some shots of some other parts of the exhibitions. One was about global warming affecting the glaciers, another one was about holography, there was a polariod exhibition too. I spent about two hours in the museum. Even bought a T-shirt there which was supposed to be a gift but ended up being a gift to myself.

As I left the museum, the drizzle had become heavy rain, but, fortunately, I had brought my umbrella. I walked a little and got to the MIT Cancer research building. It was very beautiful and the entrance lobby had these decorative panels and some interactive screens for you to know a bit more about cancer and the research they were doing there.

After that, I started getting hungry. It was about 3 or 4 pm and I hadn't had lunch. Even my breakfast had been some leftovers I had from my bus journey from Montréal. So I got to a Japanese stall, near a big bookstore and had some sushi there. After eating and visiting the bookstore but finding no interesting book to buy, I went on a walk, as it was not raining anymore and those were some of the things (buildings or decorations) I got to see.

As it was getting dark and museums and other places were closing, I decided to go back home. A guy who hadn't be able to host me on Couchsurfing, but knew I was there, invited me to go to a movie with friends, but I thought I would have only that night to talk to Heraldo. He was the one hosting me, so I felt I should spend some quality time with him. On the way back, I saw station Harvard and decided to get off and visit the university. It was dark and my camera is very bad to take nightshots. I had fun walking around campus and checking out the chapel, the famous statue and whatever I could identify: I wondered where the Walter Bishop's laboratory was (tv series Fringe) but did not ask anyone.

I left campus and started to walk around campus. I saw this neat Bookstore and visited it. I was always looking for some interesting book to buy, a new one I didn't have by Marge Piercy or one I wanted to donate to the rainbow room library.

Finally, I got back to Heraldo's house. He and Rick were there and they had just had dinner. I grabbed some dinner. The weather was cold so we had soup and some fish cassarole. The dessert was cashew mousse, I had never tried that before. Heraldo had made it but as an experiment, it was his first time doing that. We talked a lot, had fun finding out a lot of things we had in common and sharing stories. I was so sorry I had to leave the morning after. The guys went to bed because they would wake up early and I followed their example. We said our goodbyes. I was going to wake up a little bit later than them and decided to take a shower the morning after. Had I known that meant spending precious minutes that would make all the difference on the adventures of the next day!

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